Please use these directions to get to your first session (GPS will not get you to my office).

From Points West from Rt. 96

Take Rt. 96 into Ithaca. At the Taughannock Blvd. intersection, make a right and proceed to the next light, turn right onto Seneca St., one block up you will merge with State St. (Rt. 79 W.) Follow for approximately 2 miles until you see a bus shelter and collection of mailboxes on the left. Turn onto Rachel Carson Way at the bus shelter.

From Downtown Ithaca

Go west on Hwy 79/Seneca St from the center of Ithaca or turn onto 79 West from Hwy 13. Go over the bridge and continue uphill on Rt. 79 West approximately 2 miles until you pass Westhaven Road on the left. Take the next left, Rachel Carson Way, at the bus shelter.

Once on Rachel Carson Way, a gravel road, travel for 1/2 mile (a strict 15 mph and as you approach the houses, it slows to 10 mph). As you approach the two long rows of carports on the left, do not go straight to the Visitor Parking sign/traffic circle, which is part of the first neighborhood. Instead, take the spur road on the right and stay right until you see another set of long carports on your left and a parking area on your right adjacent to the tall trees/woods. At road’s end, find a parking spot near the trees, or a bit back on the road.

Walk to the big sign at the end of the parking area that says, “Welcome to Song.” Look for the gravel path just before and to the right of the sign, which becomes a long gradual ramp through the woods up to the second floor of the large community building, (which is the neighborhood common house, 200 Rachel Carson Way). Walk up it.

When you enter the building, go left from the entry room into a waiting room for three offices, and look for the door that says Rachael Shapiro. Please have a seat and I will come out to greet you at our appointed time. Do not hesitate to call me at 607-592-4981 if you have questions en route to my office.

“Our real journey in life is interior: It is a matter of growth, deepening, and an even greater surrender to the creative action of love and grace in our hearts.”
Thomas Merton